Beer Of the Week (January 27, 2007).

Because literature, like baseball, would be a lot less interesting without alcohol.

This week’s beer of the week is: Horn Dog.

botw012707.JPG Brewed by: Flying Dog Brewery (Warning: some strong language)

The Tap: Horn Dog is a rich, sweet but not too sweet barley wine style ale. In Flying Dog Brewery’s rating system this one is at the extreme ends of both the dark and malty scale, making this one serious ale. According to the brewers it also improves with age, but my supply always seems to disappear before I can determine whether this is really true.

The Coaster: All Flying Dog ale labels are designed by gonzo artist Ralph Steadman who worked for several decades with journalist Hunter S. Thompson. They’re hilariously weird and fun to look at while you’re drinking the beer. And if you like freaking out your relatives bring a six pack (or two) to a holiday gathering.

Because of its high alcohol content (10.5%) Horn Dog cannot legally be sold under the same roof as beer in Nashville, Tennessee (and probably other places as well) where the limit for “beer” is 5%. However you can buy it in liquor stores.

Rating: Four pints (out of six)