Beer Of the Week (February 4, 2007).

Beer of the Week (February 4, 2007)

Because literature, like baseball, would be a lot less interesting without alcohol.

This week’s beer of the week is: Left Hand Milk Stout.

Beer Of the Week (February 4, 2007). 

Brewed by: Left Hand Brewing Company

The Tap: Left Hand Milk Stout lives up to its name. It’s rich, creamy, and extremely tasty. Winter weather is stout weather, and this milk stout is one of the finest you’ll find. Left Hand Brewing Company adds milk sugar to their Milk Stout which makes it less bitter than most stouts. It’s not sweet, but quite mellow.

The Coaster: As a southpaw myself I was immediately drawn to the big red hand logo of the Left Hand Brewing Company, but it was the taste of the Milk Stout, and not the advertising, that made me a repeat customer. Their other beers are good (and the JuJu Ginger is excellent on a hot summer day). And if I ever make it out to Colorado, a trip to the brewery in Longmont will be high on my to-do list.

Rating: Five pints (out of six)