Consider The Source.

haitihistoryandthegodsThe remarks made by Pat Robertson about Haiti’s supposed “deal with the Devil”, which he claims has resulted in the Haitian people being cursed, have sparked outrage. Obviously with any statement such as that we have to consider the source. Robertson is dishonest, a charlatan who’s profited from the misery of others, and I think it’s fair to ask whether he even believes what he’s saying. He may just be spouting off because it’s a way to get attention.

The problem with giving such remarks any attention is they risk making them seem credible. Robertson’s supporters may be so delusional they think the attention he’s getting somehow proves him right. And yet I don’t think such stupidity should always go unchallenged. Fortunately for the challenge there is a credible source. Vanderbilt University professor Colin Dayan has responded to Robertson’s remarks. The author of Haiti, History, And The Gods, she made some interesting points, particularly the fact that the story of Haitians’ “deal with the devil” was written by the French, who were upset that the Haitians staged a successful rebellion and gained their own independence.

Dayan also says that she’s glad that, in spite of Robertson’s remarks, people are still giving money and aid to the people of Haiti. Ironically one of those asking for money is Pat Robertson himself, although, if he really believes what he’s saying I don’t know what good he thinks it will do. It may be that most of the money he’s asking for will only go to benefit Pat Robertson. It wouldn’t be the first time.